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Visit our discount garden centre for your next project in New Zealand

There are many reasons as to why we’re recognised as being No. 1 for gardening products in New Zealand. It could be the quality of what we have on offer, the customer service we provide, the fact that we can source plants or our affordable prices. If that sounds good then we encourage you to come down and see for yourself.
Its the right time to be thinking about hedging!!

Nature Loves Autumn for planting so Steves Discount Nursary has some fantastic offers to help you...

Our product range includes…

  • Finest quality potting mix - $4.50, compost - $3.50 (comes in user friendly 20 ltr bags)
  • Worm castings - Magic Pure brand
  • Aged chicken manure - $5 (20 ltr)
  • Plain pack fertilisers - our own range, cheapest around
  • Full range of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides - organic and conventional
  • Bulk potting mix and compost - to 1 cubic metre
  • Irrigation
  • Tools
  • Fruit and nut trees
  • Flower and veg seedlings
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Perennials
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Pressure sprayers

Our services include…

  • Plant identification
  • Pest and disease diagnostics and control
  • Local free delivery
  • Plant sourcing and dispatch to anywhere in NZ
  • Guest speaking service - free of charge
  • Garden and landscaping advice

Great selection of pots and planters

We are excited to also present have a great selection of pots and planters for your artificial plant display. You can add some colour to your office or home with beautiful terracotta or glazed pots and planters. Drop in or call us to find out more.
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